Hockenheim September 2011

...or who has digged out the hatchet?

Beforehand, it wasn't me. :)


I'm sorry to say that I did not manage to translate the other riding reviews into the English language, but as some lame compensation I'll provide here my last event that I held on the Hockenheimring IDM-track, which will cover videos, thus I don't need to write much! :)

Beforehand, I was ill when I did wake up in the morning before the turns were started. Because the racetrack was entirely wet, I decided to omit the first turn held. I used this break to recover a little bit from my illness.

1st turn:

Well, here is the second turn held. I have to say that I didn't feel comfortable at all, because I couldn't get a feeling for the rear tyre. It slipped too often away.
Therefore I more tried to act as video motorcycle. :)

Enjoy the other rider rides. :)

The second turn I cancelled due to set-in rain after having ridden two laps. It was no fun at all. Thus no video.

3rd turn:

Well, I don't like such weather conditions very much. It's not dry and not wet. I've tried therefore to warm-up the tyres carefully, but then...

Well, such things can happen, they shouldn't, but happen.
I was a bit late (about 5 minutes), therefore other riders already had warmed-up their tyres while mine were still cold (cold tyres are no tyres!).
While I was going to be overtaken by a rider, what isn't an exception on the racetrack ( ;) ), he rode such an inconvenient angle for me, that he was about to hit my front wheel. In order to avoid a collision I had to righten my motorcycle, unfortunately, with that I nailed my rear wheel in the front wheel of the rider behind me, who I didn't notice till then (he was about to overtake me, too). I did hit the racetrack (but in an uncommon manner ;) ) and he crashed completely into my motorcycle. The result: two slightly punished motorcycles.

After replacing the hand brake lever and excessive use of adhesive tape Bienchen (that's the name of my motorcycle :) ) was in a shape, that we could go for the next turn. :)
A last check before the start was held revealed a deep cut on flank of the rear tyre.
A visit at the service truck full of tyres was a must.
If it's not one thing, it's another... The rear wheel tyre had to be replaced. :\

While the tyre technican was searching for Metzeler Racetek Interact K3 tyre I was going to lunch... When I finished, he had found the tyre in the required dimension.
As usual, the tyre was under all others and in the last corner...

I used the the fourth turn in order to run in the rear wheel tyre. I omit here this video because it looks like I was drunk driving; the tyre was so slippery that I could not hold the line for even a moment. Fortunately, when the turn ended, the tyre was prepared! :)

5th turn:

No much too say about it. I just enjoyed riding. :)

6th turn:

The next morning, although the weather service had promised substantially better conditions as for the last day, it was overall more difficult. It hadn't rained but poured. Hence, the entire racetrack was wet and I was not in the mood to mount rain tyres, especially because the weather service promised again better conditions in the course of the day, what was a lie.

I could only ride one more turn and this one was before lunch break.
Here is the video, look at the wet places and you can imagine how difficult it is to manage to ride between them - only the racing line had dried off. Thus I rode very, very carefully, more than 1:50 wasn't in my reach at this day.

At two pm I decided to leave Hockenheim because it was still raining...